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Temporary Relief & Divorce Judgment

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  9. Temporary Relief & Divorce Judgment
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  11. What Should I Expect Out Of My First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney?
  12. Precautions With Regard To My Financial Situation?
  13. Financial Settlement And Fault
  14. Child Support & Custody
  15. Common Divorce Misconceptions & Equitable Distribution
  16. What Do I Do with My Life Now that I am on My Own?
Divorce Tactics Online Video
What you should know about divorce   "The things you should know about before seeing your divorce lawyer, which could save you and your loved ones emotional anguish and thousands of dollars."
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There are several areas wherein the Judge will be asked to act prior to entering a Judgment of Divorce. Typically, questions arise which need immediate attention.

These questions are typically dealt with by the two attorneys for the parties. However, if you are getting no satisfaction from voluntary negotiations, your attorney may need to do more. Oftentimes judgment calls need to be made by the Judge.

For instance, when two parties split up, one or the other might leave the marital residence, or, an inversion of this problem, where one party wants the other party to move out of the house but that party will not leave.

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